Etsy finds: Gorgeous nursery accessories

Thursday, 12 June 2014

By Molly Forbes

I am a bit obsessed by interiors. I am also pregnant. I have found that these two "conditions" lead to two things: an over-active Pinterest account and an unhealthy bank balance.

In my quest to create a lovely nursery, at an affordable price, full of cute gender-neutral accessories (we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl) I've been trawling Etsy. Etsy is a brilliant source of unique offerings that are a far cry from the beige rabbits and fluffy cream teddies that the High Street seems so fond of.

Here are some of the things catching my eye recently:

1. Baby Mobile Hot Air Balloon, £26.86

This mobile is bright, fun and oh-so-stylish. I love the fact it's a gender-neutral design, and has just the right amount of whimsy. In fact, this mobile wouldn't look out of place in my own bedroom come to think of it.

2. Birch tree decal, £36.66

Decals are a great way to create a feature wall or add interest to the corner of a room if you can't be faffed with wallpapering. This one comes in a range of colour options too, which only goes to make me want it more. 

3. Fox and bunny plate, £10.01

Plates aren't just for eating off, you know. This fox and bunny number is far too cute to hide in the cupboard, so hang it from the wall and use it as a quirky accessory with a difference. 

4. Picture frame set, £41.55

Gallery walls are this year's big thing, so make one for your baby's room with these pretty vintage blue frames. Handmade in the 1970s, they'll add a spot of retro cool to your new addition's nursery and you can use them to frame your child's artwork once he or she is big enough to start wielding a pack of crayons. 

5. Sisal basket, £16.68

Baby's need stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. This green and red sisal basket from Kenya is a fantastic way to store your haul of baby wipes, muslin cloths and odd socks without them ending up lost at the back of a drawer or scattered all over the nursery floor. 

6. Custom graduated bird mobile, £20.17

OK, so I know this is another mobile. But how could I resist when it incorporates both birds AND an ombre colour palette into the design? This custom made mobile kit would look good anywhere really - nursery, bathroom, bedroom, living room... the list goes on. 

7. Chevron grey and yellow crochet blanket, £30.56

For the crochet challenged amongst us (I include myself in that group) then Etsy is your friend. This blanket proves that crochet is anything but dated, ticking this year's chevron craze box, along with the incredibly on-trend yellow and grey colour scheme. Eat your heart out gran. 

8. Find Adventure print, £6.10

If you're over the whole princess or prince print thing, then this very lovely Find Adventure print will be right up your street. I love the geometric shapes and lettering, the nod to mint and yellow and the fact it's so obviously unisex. After all, the love of adventure isn't just confined to one gender, is it? 

9. Decorative wall clock, £36

I'm going to be really honest here and admit there's a very high chance this clock won't make it into my baby's nursery. However, if you are a better mum than I and able to stop yourself putting this clock in your own bedroom (or kitchen, or living room etc) then knock yourself out - it's all yours. 

10. Yellow elephant cot bumper, £70.17

For those of you not so keen on plain pink, plain blue or plain beige cot bumpers, how about something a bit special? This chevron and elephant print may not be a budget option, but it's ever so stylish and would make a great addition to a modern, gender-neutral nursery. 

Which is your favourite find? 

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